Amazon said its AWS Shield service mitigated the largest DDoS attack ever recorded, stopping a 2.3 Tbps attack in mid-February this year.

The attack was a so-called Connection-less Lightweight Directory Access Protocol reflection-based attack. A CLDAP reflection attack involves an attacker sending a CLDAP request to a LDAP server with a spoofed sender IP address — the target’s IP address. The server mounts a bulked-up response to the target’s IP address, causing the reflection attack, hence the name.

Detailed in the AWS Shield Threat Landscape Report- Q1 2020, the attack lasted three days, with those behind it unsuccessful in knocking Amazon cloud services offline.

The previous record for the largest DDoS attack ever recorded was of 1.7 Tbps, mitigated by NETSCOUT Arbor in March 2018.

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