Artifact, the AI-powered news app from Instagram co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger has launched a new feature that will let AI (artificial intelligence) rewrite a headline for users if they come across a clickbait article.

Last month, the Artifact news app launched a new feature that let users flag articles they think are clickbait.

Now, the app makers said that if a user marks a title as clickbait, the app calls on a GPT-4 model to rewrite the headline, reports TechCrunch.

During the launch of the clickbait flagging feature, the company stated that it uses a manual process to vet articles and mark them as clickbait after multiple users report them.

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If an article is flagged as clickbait by the Artifact team, AI will rewrite the headline for all users. A star icon will appear next to the headline to indicate that AI has rewritten it, the report said.

In addition, the startup is developing technology to detect clickbait articles without relying on manual reporting.

According to the company, the app will automatically detect and rewrite headlines once that system is in place, the report said.

Meanwhile, the company also launched other features, such as the ability to react to an article and share articles as images.

The ability to react to an article will let users add an emoji reaction to any article to express how they feel about it.

With the shared article as an image, users will be able to share a visual of an article so friends can quickly see what an article is about.

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