Apple iPhone supplier Foxconn has paused its hiring because of a four-day quarantine space shortage.

The company requires 1,00,000 new workers to get back to full capacity, but due to a shortage of quarantine space, it has frozen the hiring, reports AppleInsider.

A Covid-19 outbreak at Foxconn caused a large departure of workers, thus the iPhone supplier has started hiring heavily to resume normal production.

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Lockdowns and other restrictions have caused problems for the company, which has impacted shipping times for the iPhone 14.

There is no more room for the four-day quarantine that each new employee must undergo before joining the workforce, the report said.

In October this year, a report claimed that Apple supply chain was facing its next set of problems in China as panicked workers at the Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou city were leaving amid fresh Covid scare.

Fearing Covid lockdowns, workers were seen fleeing the factory on foot and walking in fields and on highways as public transport was suspended as part of Covid-19 controls.

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