Apple will bring a new battery-saving mode in the next watchOS 9 update, to extend the watch’s battery life when needed.

The mode can be manually turned on by using the settings menu or Control Center, reports GSMArena.

Additionally, it alerts the user when the battery has 10 percent left and automatically turns off once when it charges 80 percent.

The more energy-intensive features, including always on display, heart rate notifications, arrhythmia tracking, heart rate, and blood oxygen readings, will be disabled in the battery-saving mode.

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Reminders for workouts will be disabled as well.

The mode will turn off Wi-Fi and cellular connections if there isn’t an iPhone nearby that is connected to the watch, the report said.

Earlier this month, the tech giant added an optimized battery charging feature in its Apple Watch running watchOS 9 that would learn from users’ charging habits to slow battery aging.

Similar to the iPhone version of the feature, it figures out when it’s best to charge the battery to 100 percent based on the user’s charging habits.

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