Apple has announced that it is offering a “Depth and Water Seal Test” for Apple Watch Ultra if its owner wants to check whether its depth gauge and seals are working properly.

“The Depth and Water Seal Test determine whether your watch’s depth gauge and seals are working properly at the time of the test,” the tech giant said on a support page on Friday.

First, the tech giant will perform a visual inspection for any cracks or damage to the exterior of the Watch Ultra, and if it does not have any visible damage, then the company will test its system water seals and depth gauge.

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According to the iPhone maker, users might want to send their Watch Ultra for the test if they did like to check the functionality of the depth gauge in the watch or if they might have caused unseen damage to it.

Owners will receive their watch (or a replacement) an average of seven to ten business days after it is sent to the company.

“If your Apple Watch Ultra has unseen damage, the Depth and Water Seal Test may leave the watch inoperable and may result in a replacement fee if the device is not covered by the Limited Warranty, or by any applicable consumer protection laws or regulations,” the tech giant said.

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