Apple has reportedly dropped its plan to bring the $49 Pencil with the new iPhone.

The Apple Pencil lacked pressure sensing capabilities or a rechargeable battery in order to save money, but it instead used an inbuilt chip to power the stylus through the iPad or iPhone screen, reports MacRumors.

The unreleased Apple Pencil would have cost $49, which is considerably less than the costs of the first-generation and second-generation models, which are $99 and $129, respectively.

The new Apple Pencil, codenamed “Maker”, or more likely, “Marker”, was supposed to be unveiled by the tech giant at their September 2022 event.

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The company supposedly went so far as to mass-create over one million of the accessories, only to cancel the launch at the last minute for an unknown reason, the report said.

In February last year, the tech giant with iPadOS 14.5 beta expanded Apple Pencil ‘Scribble’ support for German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.

Before that, the company added an Apple Pencil feature called “Scribble” with iPadOS 14, which lets users write in any text field on the iPad, with the handwritten text then converted automatically into typed text.

When Scribble first launched, it was only limited to the English and Chinese languages.

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