Apple is in talks to launch a MacBook with Samsung foldable display, the media reported.

While the product is expected to be unveiled in 2025, it will likely launch in 2026, reports SamMobile.

Samsung’s display division would gain influence, money, and even more credibility if Apple introduced a foldable MacBook powered by Samsung Display, which would almost surely increase the popularity of foldable.

With the intention of mass-producing large-screen foldable OLED panels in 2025 and 2026, Samsung Display decided to invest 4.1 trillion won ($3.1 billion) in them.

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This action appears to support the idea that Apple will release a MacBook with a folding display in the near future.

The iPhone maker takes its time and invests years in the prototype and designing phases of disruptive technologies, and because the MacBook is a household name, the company have to be extra careful, the report said.

In April, it was reported that Samsung Display had started developing 13.3-inch OLED panels for Apple’s upcoming MacBook Air.

Meanwhile, in January, another report mentioned that Samsung was working on a new technology, Lifelike Pixels, for its OLED screens.