Apple has released new support documents detailing fixes and widgets for two minor bugs in the company’s new lineup of devices, including the iPhone 13.

Both bugs affect iPhone 13, ninth-generation iPad, and iPad mini 6 models that have been restored from an iCloud backup.

On Friday, the devices officially started arriving on customer doorsteps and store shelves, reports AppleInsider.

The first bug affects widgets, the report said. According to Apple, it has discovered an issue that causes widgets to revert to their default settings after an iPhone or iPad is restored from a backup.

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Apple said the bug has only affected a “limited number” of iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPad 9 and iPad mini 6 models.

The company said there isn’t a quick fix for the problem and users will need to manually edit their widgets.

In a second support document, Apple said that some iPhone 13 and new iPad users may be unable to access Apple Music on devices restored from an iCloud backup.

More specifically, the bug prevents users from accessing “the Apple Music catalog, Apple Music settings, or (the) Sync Library”.

To fix this issue, Apple has released a minor update for iPhone 13, ninth-generation iPad, and iPad mini 6 users running iOS 15.

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