Apple has likely fixed an ongoing iCloud server issue that was causing some apps that have implemented iCloud support to fail to sync properly.

The bug has persisted since November, and app developers were becoming increasingly upset with Apple’s lack of effort to address the problem, reports AppleInsider.

Users of apps with iCloud issues were seeing 503 error messages such as “Request failed with http status code 503,” but multiple developers have confirmed that the error messages appear to have gone away throughout the last couple of days.

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Tweetbot developer Paul Haddad said that he has received “basically 0” iCloud Sync reports over the past couple of days, and Craig Grannell, who wrote about the iCloud problems, said that he is no longer seeing issues with the Cloud Battery or Transloader apps he uses.

The iCloud syncing bug appears to have been introduced sometime around late November or early December, and it was a major headache for developers.

App users experiencing iCloud syncing issues don’t know that it’s a problem on Apple’s end, causing developers to be blamed, the report said.

Some app developers even went as far as building iCloud status dashboards into their apps so end users would have a better idea of when there were issues with the way iCloud was working.

While most developers have said that the syncing issue has been largely resolved, there are still a few complaints about ongoing problems, so Apple may have a few kinks to work out.

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