Apple has reportedly released a less performative processor for the iPhone 14 Pro as a result of a mistake in the A16 Bionic chip development, which might be indicative of issues within the iPhone maker’s chip team.

The A16 Bionic included in the iPhone 14 Pro is one of the most powerful chips present in a smartphone, but it could have been better, reports AppleInsider.

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According to four anonymous sources, the tech giant’s chip-making team has been going through a lot of internal turmoil.

As a result, there is a chance that the A16 Bionic chip had a big change made to it at the last point in its development.

In October, it was reported that the performance tests of the company’s A16 Bionic GPU had shown a less than significant improvement over its predecessor A15.

When squared up against the A15 Bionic, the new Apple chipset was only 5 percent more powerful and 20 percent more efficient.

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