Apple announced on Thursday its initiative to enable software developers to distribute their applications to users within the European Union through channels beyond Apple’s proprietary App Store.

The decision comes as a response to the newly enacted EU law, the Digital Markets Act (DMA). The legislation mandates that companies with over 45 million monthly active users and a market capitalization exceeding 75 billion euros ($82 billion) must, among other obligations, ensure compatibility of their apps with those of competitors and grant users the authority to choose which apps to pre-install on their devices.

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“The changes we’re announcing today comply with the Digital Markets Act’s requirements in the European Union, while helping to protect EU users from the unavoidable increased privacy and security threats this regulation brings. Our priority remains creating the best, most secure possible experience for our users in the EU and around the world,” said Phil Schiller, Apple Fellow. “Developers can now learn about the new tools and terms available for alternative app distribution and alternative payment processing, new capabilities for alternative browser engines and contactless payments, and more. Importantly, developers can choose to remain on the same business terms in place today if they prefer.”

For apps on iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS in the EU, developers who process payments using a PSP or by linking out to their website will get a 3 percent discount on the commission they owe to Apple.

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