Apple has announced an upcoming fix for a years-old bug in its Screen Time parental control feature, a problem that has allowed tech-savvy kids to bypass web filters and content restrictions.

The issue, which has been present in Apple devices for years, gained attention after being highlighted in a recent report by The Wall Street Journal.

The bug involves a workaround that lets children bypass website restrictions set up by parents. By typing a specific string of characters into Safari’s address bar, kids could access content that should have been blocked, including websites with explicit content, violence, or other inappropriate material.

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Apple acknowledged the issue, stating they are aware of “an issue with an underlying web technology protocol for developers, which allows a user to bypass web content restrictions.” They have promised a fix in the “next software update.” This announcement follows years of complaints from parents and security researchers who have been reporting the bug since at least 2021.

The fix is crucial for parents who rely on Screen Time to protect their children from harmful online content. The bug’s existence undermined the effectiveness of parental controls, leaving children vulnerable to inappropriate material. Apple’s response is a welcome relief for concerned parents and a step towards ensuring the safety of young users.

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