Google has announced that Android users will soon be able to react to SMS texts from iPhone users with emojis as well in Google’s Messages app.

The app will be updated with this feature and other enhancements in the coming weeks.

“The messaging app is built around RCS (Rich Communication Services), a modern messaging protocol that supports richer text features, higher resolution images and videos, and enables end-to-end encryption,” said the company in a blog post.

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“Google’s messaging app will make voice messages more accessible. Using machine learning, voice message transcription auto-transcribes the message so that users can access it easily, i.e., with this feature, users can read voice messages in any crowded place,” it added.

Moreover, users can now watch YouTube videos from within Messages without leaving the app. In this way, users can quickly watch and respond when someone sends them a YouTube link.

Within new features, it also includes “Reminders”, which is included directly in “Messages” to help users remember important moments without navigating across several apps on their phone.

With “Star”, users will be able to mark their important texts such as an address, door code, phone number, and more within the app.

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