Elon Musk on Thursday announced that X users will soon have a feature that allows their followers to see pinned posts.

In a post, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO said that the feature would allow one pinned post every 48 hours.

“A change is coming to our recommendation algorithm that will ensure that all your followers see your pinned posts,” the billionaire told his followers.

He, however, added that it only applies to one pinned post every 48 hours “to prevent gaming of the system”.

A follower commented that combined with X articles, “this will ensure high effort content is seen more”.

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Another posted that this move could be a game-changer for content creators (writers specifically).

Meanwhile, continuing his tirade against Google, he posted that the company is “super biased”.

He responded after the tech giant claimed it is “politically neutral”.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai had said that the Gemini AI’s problematic responses around race is “unacceptable,” adding that the company would make structural changes to fix the issue.

“I know that some of its responses have offended our users and shown bias – to be clear, that’s completely unacceptable and we got it wrong,” Pichai told the employees.

Google had suspended its Gemini AI image creation feature last week.

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