Artificial Intelligence (AI) will lead the US Presidential elections in 2032, said Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk.

He said this on Saturday at the 10th annual Breakthrough Prize ceremony — the world’s largest science award for major advances in fundamental physics, life sciences, and mathematics.

The Press asked the tech billionaire, who attended the event clad in a classic suit with a bow tie, about the 2024 US Presidential election winner.

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“Who will win the White House in 2032? Which type of AI? Transformers or fusion?” replied Musk, sharing a hearty laugh.

The billionaire also made funny poses for the Press.

Last week, in an interview on X Spaces, Musk predicted that AI will turn smarter than humans by 2026.

Last year, raising concerns about the influence of AI in elections, Musk noted: “If AI is smart enough, it could undermine democracy”.

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