Adobe is launching a new feature in Premiere Pro today called Productions, making it easier to work on the same project with multiple people. Adobe previewed the feature at Sundance, saying it was designed with filmmakers in mind.

The new Productions panel offers a Google Drive-like experience so creatives can share assets easier. Multiple editors can work on the same project using local or shared storage, and it’ll all show up on a file system inside Premiere. You don’t need an internet connection for it to work.

[youtube v=”mSz75aZXrzM”]

The foundation of any good collaboration is when multiple editors can work on a project at the same time and that work doesn’t get overwritten. Productions can be segmented into smaller file structures based on existing Premiere Pro project formats. For example, television shows can be broken up into episodes and acts, while films can be separated into reels and scenes. It’s can be organized to how you see fit. 

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Adobe is making Team Projects available for free to all Creative Cloud users from April 14 to August 17, 2020. If you do plan on taking advantage of the offer be sure to finish the edit prior to August 17, 2020, and save all the work locally in case you need to access it at a later date.