Internet has become an essential part of our personal and professional life. Be it students, businessmen, home-makers or professionals, access to Internet is necessary for all to perform a range of activities. With mobile data getting affordable, our penchant for mobile-Internet is growing by the day. From online-shopping to online-education, Internet-access on our Android phones has become vital for each one of us. However, the Internet-speed on various Android devices we use is not always the same and sometimes can go frustratingly slow. Even new Android Smartphones or Tablets are unable to achieve good-browsing speeds. This infers that Internet speed is not always related to the hardware-configuration of your Android device. There are various other things like network-congestion or bad signal strength. Discussed below are some of the tricks to improve the Internet-speed on an Android Mobile –

Monitoring your phone’s Network settings
Optimizing your Android Phone’s Network Settings can sometimes solve the consistent snag in the net speed. Network Settings in many Android devices are usually under Settings option. However, the precise name may vary with the device. On reaching the Menu page, check if your Network speed is restricted and is connected to the right network. While most phones have the Automatic Network Selection option enabled, un-check it to select Manual Network Selection option and choose your operator manually. Before doing this, to choose the GSM/WCDMA/LTE option that most Android devices have. If your Android device is 4G LTE enabled, then make sure to turn it on.

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Clear your cache
Android devices have cache-memory for storing information like login-credentials, location, etc. However, some mobile-apps store other kind of unnecessary information that consumes this precious storage resource. Every Android device has an option to clean the cached data. By clearing your cache regularly, you can optimize your phone’s performance, which in-turn can improve the browsing speed significantly.

Use Ad-Blocker
It’s a known fact that ads consume significant portion of your browsing data. Some might take little time to download, while others not just take long-time but also block the important data being downloaded simultaneously. When this happens, they affect the processing power of your Android phone and also slow down the Internet speed. Using an ad-blocker (available in the browser setting) can be an ideal option. Some browsers provide it as an add-on, but if you browser doesn’t then you can always search for one on the Play Store. This can keep the web-pages free of ads and increase the Internet-speed.

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Uninstall futile apps
While most of us have a proclivity for downloading new apps showing-off interesting features, we generally tend to forget about them after using ones or twice. Many such apps in your mobile can consume vital storage and processing resources to leave your phone’s speed degraded. It’s apprehensible to constantly check your phone for such apps. On finding such useless apps, uninstalling them for good can be a wise option. Once done, they can free-up your phone’s resources and enhance its processing speed. This again will improve your phone’s browsing speed.

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Choose browser that is fast & lighter 
While there are many apps which you use to access the Internet, the most common of these is the web browser. Choosing the right browser is important to access Internet at optimal speeds. Dozens of web browsers are available which have been specifically built for Android platform. Through their many features, they can provide enhanced browsing experience. However, care should be taken to select only the ones that offer regular performance upgrades, which can help you browse faster.

Enable maximum data-loading option
Under the Wireless and Network settings option in your Android Phone’s Setting, there is a chance that you might have selected GPRS transfer prefer to Call Prefer. If this is what you have done accidentally, then changing it to Data Prefer option will lead improved Internet speed.

Install Speed Boosting Apps
In-congruent to the general notion that Apps eat up the resources, there also many Android apps available that can enhance the internet speed of your phone or tablet. You can find them on Google Play Store to boost your phone’s browsing speed.
While these are few of the many tricks and tips to enhance the Internet speed of your Android phone, there are various other reasons that can affect your device’s performance. Faulty hardware or incompatible software may also be the reason. However, the above mentioned tricks should suffice if no such anomalies exist.

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