Zoom has rolled out a pilot advertising program to start showing ads to free users.

For this initial programme, ads will be rolled out only on the browser page users see once they end their meeting.

Only free Basic users in certain countries will see these ads if they join meetings that are hosted by other free Basic users.

“We have carefully and thoughtfully considered how to implement this advertising pilot programme and we have done so with the goal of ensuring user choice,” the company said in a blogpost.

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“Users will see a banner on Zoom’s website that provides a link that takes them to our cookie management tool,” the company added.

The company said it has updated its Privacy Statement to account for this advertising programme.

Zoom mentioned that it will not use meeting, webinar or messaging content (specifically, audio, video, files, and messages) for any marketing, promotions or third-party advertising purposes.

“We are incredibly proud to provide a service that helps so many people around the world stay connected,” the company said.

“This change ensures that our free Basic users are able to continue connecting with friends, family, and colleagues with the same robust platform we have always offered,” it added.

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