Zoom has announced that it is bringing an end-to-end encryption feature to its cloud phone service Zoom Phone and it will soon be available on Breakout Rooms.

The platform said that users will have a new option to upgrade to end-to-end encryption during one-on-one Zoom Phone calls between users on the same Zoom account that occur via the Zoom client.

“We are excited to expand our end-to-end encryption feature to both Zoom Phone and Breakout Rooms (coming soon) — two more ways you can use Zoom to achieve seamless and secure communication,” the company said in a blogpost.

During a call, users can select “More” and see an option to elevate the session to an end-to-end encrypted phone call. The upgrade takes a second and helps add an extra layer of privacy to your phone calls occurring over Zoom.

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When enabled, end-to-end encryption will provide that the call is encrypted using cryptographic keys known only to the devices of the caller and receiver. Additionally, users can verify E2EE status by providing a unique security code to one another.

To elevate a Zoom Phone call to be end-to-end encrypted, users need to have a few things in place first, such as the account admin will have to turn on E2EE via the web portal, callers will need to be on the same Zoom account.

They can only make one-to-one phone calls, both callers have to use the Zoom Phone desktop or mobile client (PSTN is not supported) and both the callers will need to have automatic call recording turned off.

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For Breakout Rooms, it will be the same experience as a standard end-to-end encrypted meeting, except each breakout room gets its own unique meeting encryption key.