Apple is undoubtedly one of the best technology brands in this world. Its products are one of the most premium and expensive ones as compared to other electronic products in the markets.

You may have been wondering why celebs use apple products. Well, talking about other products, Apple has iPods, Airpods, iMac, Macbook, Earbuds and Apple watchers. They all are designed elegantly with the flavor of the best features in it. So here are a few reasons that why most celebrities use iPhones other than any other smartphone.

Easy To Use

Despite all the promises by Android phone makers to streamline their skins, the iPhone remains the easiest phone to use by far. There’s no separate app drawer for your apps and no annoying overlay to get in the way.

Some may lament the lack of change in the look and feel of iOS over the years, but consider it a plus that it works pretty much the same as it did way back in 2007. Pick it up, turn it on, tap to open whatever app pleases you, and that’s about it.

Regular Software Updates

Apple clearly wins in this area due to the fact that it constantly rolls out updates to its devices and there’s no termination of support for a device after two years like Google’s Android.


Apple’s iOS devices are known for their strong security, partly because Apple controls the entire device ecosystem — hardware, firmware, and software. Apple also relies on strong encryption practices throughout its products. Of-course, celebrities require this.

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One thing that Apple never compromised, is the privacy of your data. It never allows you to use your own SD card too. It always refrains from using your data with any other third party. It never allows you to download anything from websites into your iPhone.

Sleek Design

The iPhone will always remain a celeb’s toy (as they would call it), due to its sleek design and distinguished feel and look. it has an all metal body, giving it a premium look in its full glory. and yes! this is what celebs want.

Even though Apple uses the least amount of our data just for the sake of operating system purposes. Apple Operating systems in the form of iOS, Mac is one of the efficient and reliable operating systems in today’s date. Talking about android operating systems, they are not secure. It is most easy to hack android based phones than any other iPhone device.

Great Cameras

The iPhone 11 Pro’s triple-camera array is hardly cutting edge by today’s camera phone standards, but it works brilliantly. The colors, tones and exposures are consistent across all three cameras, and the image processing is perfectly judged to produce natural looking detail and not the usual over-sharpened, over-smoothed smartphone ‘look’.

The new ultra-wide camera is just brilliant for travel photography, landmarks and spectacular interiors, and while it can’t quite match the edge to edge image quality of the other lenses, it still produces sharp, distortion-free ultra-wide images that widen your horizons in every possible way.

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