WhatsApp has announced a new feature called “Keep in Chat” that allows users to save important messages without fear of them disappearing.

This update offers a solution for users who may have received key information or voice notes that they want to keep for future reference.

With the new feature, users can keep messages they need for later, organized by chat, in the “Kept Messages” folder.

To protect users’ privacy, the sender of the message will be notified when someone decides to keep a message. The sender will also have the ability to veto the decision, ensuring that they have the final say on whether their message can be kept.

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The update comes with a special superpower for the sender, as they get to decide whether others in the chat can keep the message. If the sender decides that the message cannot be kept by others, then the decision is final, and the message will be deleted when the timer expires.

“We believe if you’ve sent the message, it’s your choice whether others in the chat can keep it for later,” WhatsApp stated in their blog post.

The messages saved in the “Kept Messages” folder will be denoted with a bookmark icon for easy identification. The new feature is set to roll out globally over the next few weeks, and WhatsApp hopes that users will enjoy the flexibility to keep the messages they need.

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