Ride-hailing platform Uber has launched its advertising division to engage consumers with brands, by showing video advertisements during the ride.

The company introduced ‘Uber Journey Ads’, an entertaining method for businesses to engage customers.

The company has already teamed up with over 40 prominent businesses to run Journey Ads.

“We have a global audience of valuable, purchase-minded consumers who, as part of our core business, tell us where they want to go and what they want to get,” said Grether, General Manager of Uber’s advertising division.

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“While these consumers are making purchase decisions and waiting for their destination or delivery we can engage them with messages from brands that are relevant to their purchase journeys. And with 1.87 billion trips last quarter, that means we can connect advertisers to consumers on average five times per month across rides and delivery”, he added.

The company also offers detailed reporting and analysis, which help brands to develop campaigns that have a greater impact on the target market.

The ride-hailing platform offers ‘Sponsored Listings’ across Uber Eats to get brands ahead of the competition and capture the attention of consumers.

The ‘Sponsored Emails’ allow brands to promote offers to Uber and Uber Eats consumers by sending emails to their inboxes, whereas ‘Homepage Billboards’ give brands the ability to display ads on the homepage of Uber Eats, and more.

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