The microblogging site Twitter is trying to fully restore its services in Russia as users report “increasing difficulty” accessing its platform amid the Ukraine invasion and the country’s growing restrictions on Big Tech.

Twitter said it is investigating and working to restore full access for its users in the country.

“We’re aware of reports that people are increasingly having difficulty accessing Twitter in Russia. We’re investigating and working to fully restore access to our service,” a Twitter spokesperson told TechCrunch.

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Reports surfaced last week that Russia’s communications regulator Roskomnadzor had been blocking access to Twitter, like other social media platforms, as Vladimir Putin’s regime clamped down on the free flow of information.

Twitter then did not see any significant change in its service in the country.

However, users in Russia reported having troubles accessing Twitter after Roskomnadzor said it would cut access to Twitter and Facebook in line with a decision by the prosecutor general’s office.

Twitter has been accused of failing to delete the content banned by Russian authorities and slowed down access to it.

Russia has put in place a draconian law that says if fake news “led to serious consequences, (the legislation) threatens imprisonment of up to 15 years”.

In an unprecedented action, Russia last week blocked Facebook as the Kremlin wages war on Ukraine.

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