The Tor Project has recently taken steps to remove multiple relays from its network.

These relays were found to be engaged in a high-risk, for-profit cryptocurrency scheme that involved promising monetary gains through cryptocurrency tokens without the endorsement or approval of the Tor Project.

The Tor network relies on a global network of volunteer-operated relays to anonymize internet traffic. These relays work by forwarding traffic through multiple layers of encryption, making it difficult for anyone to track or eavesdrop on user activity.

However, the recent discovery of relays involved in risky financial activities has raised concerns about the integrity of the Tor network and the potential for abuse.

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“We consider these relays to be harmful to the Tor network for a number of reasons, including that certain of the relays do not meet our requirements, and that such financial schemes present a significant threat to the network’s integrity and the reputation of our project as they can attract individuals with malicious intent, put users at risk, or disrupt the volunteer-driven spirit that sustains the Tor Community.” – Tor Project

In response to these concerns, the Tor Project has taken steps to identify and remove relays that are not adhering to its community guidelines.

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