A seven-year-long court battle between Samsung and LG over the organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology theft has finally come to an end.

The case involved the chief executive of an LG Display subcontractor who was suspected of handing over LG Display’s OLED technology and related confidential documents to Samsung Display employees in 2010.

The OLED ‘Face Seal’ technology extends the display life span by preventing air contact of OLED elements.

According to Korea-based Pulse News, the country’s Supreme Court has now upheld the original ruling that acquitted charges and dismissed prosecutor’s appeal against the chief executive of the LG Display subcontractor.

The court has now given Samsung a clean chit on the charges of stealing LG OLED display technology.

Along with the LG Display subcontractor’s chief, the four Samsung Display employees that allegedly received confidential documents were earlier indicted on charges of stealing confidential business information.

Now, the chief executive of LG Display supplier and four Samsung Display employees have been freed from the alleged leak by the court.

LG Display and Samsung Display did not issue any statements on the latest ruling.

Samsung and LG had been in another court battle before over the OLED technology case.

“In 2019, the court convicted a former Samsung Display researcher for siphoning off the company’s OLED technology and also LG Display employees that received them,” said the report.