Musk-owned Tesla has slashed the price of its “full self-driving” (FSD) beta software by 20 percent.

The Tesla FSD beta software now costs $12,000, a $3,000 or a 20 percent decrease.

Tesla owners can buy FSD at a reduced price which includes all the “enhanced autopilot” features as well as the ability to detect and (ideally) stop at traffic lights and stop signs.

In July, Musk offered first-time Tesla customers a chance to transfer the FSD beta software to another vehicle as a “one-time amnesty.”

Tesla owners who have purchased the FSD package can transfer that to another new car by September 30.

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The only details provided by Musk were that it would be a one-time offer and only applicable if you place your order before the end of Q3.

Another requirement is that when people place an order for a new Tesla car, they must add FSD Capability to the order.

Those who will get this offer will need to purchase a new Tesla and take delivery by September 30.

Last month, Musk live-streamed a drive through Palo Alto, California holding a smartphone, which was an illegal act by law, showcasing the car’s self-drive functionalities.

However, Musk was forced to stop his “Full Self Driving” system from running a red light partway through the livestream.

During the drive, Musk chatted with his passenger who was Tesla’s head of Autopilot software engineering, Ashok Elluswamy.

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