Tesla has received a patent for a new interior ‘personalization system’, potentially enhancing the accessibility and comfort of their vehicles to unprecedented levels.

The recently filed patent application with the US Patent Office reveals that the company is developing an advanced ‘personalization system’ that could potentially surpass existing technologies in the automotive industry, reports Teslarati.

The new ‘personalization system’ will use the car’s interior camera system to identify occupants, approximate their size, and personalize settings to optimize comfort and ease of use.

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It can also adjust numerous settings, including front seat and control positioning based on the height of the front seat occupants, the direction of and use of air conditioning vents based on where and how many occupants are sat throughout the cabin, and audio settings that ensure the ideal listening experience for both front and rear passengers, according to the report.

Aside from merely making occupants more comfortable, the improved personalization system would also improve Tesla’s existing safety system.

The vehicle might detect incapacitated individuals and either summon emergency services or perhaps take the person to the hospital autonomously.

Further, these devices could be employed after a car collision to ensure that the vehicle passengers are not injured, the report said.

Meanwhile, Tesla has delivered a record 4,22,875 electric vehicles in the first quarter of 2023, beating Wall Street estimates.

In the first quarter, the electric carmaker produced over 4,40,000 vehicles.

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