Spotify has launched a new tool called “Showcase” that will allow artists to pay to promote their music to listeners on the platform’s Home feed.

With Showcase, artists can display a song or an entire album as a mobile banner, targeted at a specific type of listener from 30 markets at launch. The banners will indicate that a recommendation has been sponsored.

“Showcase is a sponsored recommendation that helps you share your music — whether it’s your newest release, your deepest catalog cut, or anything in between — at any time to likely listeners across Spotify. It appears as a mobile banner at the top of Spotify’s Home — the most visited place on Spotify,” Spotify said in a blog post.

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To be eligible to book a Showcase, artists need to have at least 1,000 streams over the past 28 days in at least one of the available target markets, and the artist team’s billing country must be set to the US, the company noted.

Showcase budgets begin at $100 and are priced on a CPC — or “cost per click” — basis, meaning Spotify will charge artists for each user based on a budget they can specify.

Moreover, the company said that it will roll out Showcase within the Campaigns tab for eligible artists in the US over the next few weeks, and in the coming months, it will continue to expand access to more artists around the world.

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