Shutterstock has announced the launch of its AI image generation platform, which will be available to use by all Shutterstock customers globally in every language the site offers.

“Shutterstock has developed strategic partnerships over the past two years with key industry players like OpenAI, Meta, and LG AI Research to fuel their generative AI research efforts, and we are now able to uniquely bring responsibly-produced generative AI capabilities to our own customers,” Paul Hennessy, CEO at Shutterstock, said in a statement.

The company said that — its AI image generator will allow anyone to create high-quality visuals by simply describing what they’re looking for — worry-free, one-of-a-kind, and ready in seconds.

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“Our easy-to-use generative platform will transform the way people tell their stories — you no longer have to be a design expert or have access to a creative team to create exceptional work,” Hennessy added.

In October last year, Shutterstock expanded its partnership with OpenAI, launching a fund to compensate artists for their contributions, and focusing its R&D machine on gathering and publishing insights related to AI-generated content.

The purpose of the collaboration was to introduce OpenAI’s seamless image generation capabilities to Shutterstock audiences worldwide – allowing them to instantly create images based on the criteria they specify.

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