Most people who have a keen interest in cybersecurity, specifically web scraping and web penetration testing, often lose their interest due to the lack of accessibility of a computer or the complications while installing and using web testing tools.

Ribence-The Web Scraper app (available in the play store) focuses on reducing the dependency of web testing on complex Linux tools and makes it more accessible through touch in your phone. This app can scan for the website’s Domain Name Server (DNS), Internet Protocol (IP) address, Server Location, Open ports, and subdomains available on a website.

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A port in networking is a software-defined number associated with a network protocol that receives or transmits a communication for a specific service. Unintended open ports can reveal the network architecture, open doors for malware attacks, and even compromise the security of a website. Hackers use the DNS of a website to perform complicated attacks on the website and can know the server location of the website using this app. Bug-Bounty hunters can diversify their opportunities for bug-bounty by searching for bugs in uncommon subdomains.

Cyber security enthusiasts will love the app because of its availability and its ease of usage. It is free and is available in the play store only.

Disclaimer: This is a guest post, Ribence Kadel has requested us to share this article on our website. We, Abijita Foundation assure you that the ‘Ribence-The Web Scraper’ app is 100% safe and malware free. We never promote any illegal content from our website. For more information read our terms and conditions.