Qualcomm has issued a warning about three zero-day vulnerabilities in its GPU and DSP drivers. These vulnerabilities could allow hackers to take control of affected devices or steal data.

Qualcomm says that the vulnerabilities are being actively exploited by hackers. The company has released patches for the vulnerabilities, and it is urging users to update their drivers as soon as possible.

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“Patches for the issues affecting Adreno GPU and Compute DSP drivers have been made available, and OEMs have been notified with a strong recommendation to deploy security updates as soon as possible” – Qualcomm.

The vulnerabilities are located in the Adreno GPU and Compute DSP drivers. These drivers are used in a wide variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Qualcomm has not released any details on the actively exploited CVE-2023-33106, CVE-2022-22071, and CVE-2023-33063 flaws and will provide more information in its December 2023 bulletin.

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