Hacker behind one of the biggest ever digital coin heists has now returned over $610 million stolen crypto.

Poly Network was hit by a major attack this month which saw the hacker, or hackers, steal more than $600 million worth of digital tokens. The thief exploited a vulnerability in Poly Network’s code which allowed them to transfer the funds to their own accounts.

The incident occurred on August 10, when an unknown party transferred into their wallets Binance Chain, Ethereum (ETH), and Polygon assets from the decentralized cross-chain protocol and network Polygon Network:

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  • Ethereum tokens: ~$273 million
  • Binance Smart Chain: ~$253 million
  • Polygon Network (in USDC): ~$85 million

Poly Network pleaded with the hacker, which it is calling “Mr. White Hat,” to return the remaining funds. The platform promised to grant the unidentified person a $500,000 bounty for helping it identify a flaw in its systems, and even offered them a job as “chief security advisor.”

Now, the hacker has finally given Poly Network access to the final tranche of stolen funds. In a blog post-Monday, the firm said Mr. White Hat shared the so-called private key needed to regain control of the remaining assets.

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