Time magazine has entered into a multi-year content partnership with OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, Reuters reports.

This collaboration grants OpenAI access to Time’s extensive archive of news content, both parties announced on Thursday.

Under this agreement, when users query ChatGPT, the chatbot will reference and link back to the original articles on Time.com, ensuring proper citation and source attribution. Although the financial specifics of the deal remain confidential, this partnership marks a significant step in AI and media collaboration.

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OpenAI has been securing similar agreements in recent months with other notable media organizations, including the Financial Times, Axel Springer (the parent company of Business Insider), France’s Le Monde, and Spain-based Prisa Media.

Despite facing lawsuits from media entities like the New York Times and The Intercept over the use of their journalistic content, OpenAI’s strategic partnerships with publishers are vital for the enhancement of AI training models. Moreover, these deals present a promising revenue stream for news organizations that have long been sidelined from the profits generated by internet companies distributing their content.

In May, OpenAI, backed by Microsoft (MSFT.O), also signed content and product agreements with The Atlantic and Vox Media, further expanding its content network.

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