Nvidia has announced that it is planning to remove a feature for streaming PC games called “GameStream” from its Shield TVs and tablets.

“Starting in mid-February, a planned update to the Nvidia Games app will begin rolling out to Shield owners. With this update, the GameStream feature will no longer be available in app. Shield users can continue to use GameStream until that time,” reads Nvidia’s customer help page.

Nvidia also recommended that Shield users can switch to Steam Link, which is a similar way of streaming PC games to a Shield device.

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Users will need the Steam Link app on their Shield TV to get access to streaming games from their gaming PC, according to the company.

GeForce Now is also listed by the chip maker as an alternative, but users won’t get high frame rates and 4K streaming without a subscription.

Moreover, users can refuse the Nvidia Games app update, and GameStream will continue working for some time, but Nvidia warns it “will no longer be supported and eventually will stop working”.

“Gamestream may continue to work for a time, but will no longer be supported and eventually will stop working. All other services supported by Nvidia Games, including GeForce Now, will require an app update to continue working,” the company said.

Last year, Nvidia dropped the support for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1.

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