Netflix is working on features that will let customers play its mobile games against one another and rank themselves on gaming leaderboards.

According to TechCrunch, starting last month, Netflix quietly launched the ability for users to create unique “game handles” in a subset of its mobile games, including Into The Breach, followed by Bowling Ballers, Mahjong Solitaire and Heads Up!

“We are always looking to improve our member’s experience on the service and are exploring different features to enrich the Netflix mobile games experience,” Netflix spokesperson Kumiko Hidaka was quoted as saying.

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“We don’t have anything else to share at this time,” it added.

Additionally, evidence uncovered in the Netflix app suggests increased gaming ambitions, including, among other things, the option to invite other users to play games with you and a feature that would allow you to check your position on leaderboards.

The video-streaming giant launched its gaming service last year.

In March, the platform added three games on Android and iOS platforms to raise awareness about the lack of safe drinking water.

The team-up between ‘Frosty Pop and Charity: Water’ is an educational RPG that challenges users to walk miles in sub-Saharan Africa to find water while dealing with poachers, windstorms and other hazards.

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