Microsoft has announced the acquisition of the US-based technology company, Fungible, a provider of composable infrastructure aimed at accelerating networking and storage performance in data centres with high-efficiency, low-power data processing units (DPUs).

The company says that Fungible’s technologies will help enable high-performance, scalable, disaggregated, scaled-out data centre infrastructure with reliability and security.

“The announcement further signals Microsoft’s commitment to long-term differentiated investments in our data centre infrastructure, which enhances our broad range of technologies and offerings including offloading, improving latency, increasing data centre server density, optimizing energy efficiency and reducing costs,” Microsoft said in a blog post.

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Moreover, the company mentioned that the Fungible team will join Microsoft’s data centre infrastructure engineering teams and will focus on delivering multiple DPU solutions, network innovation and hardware systems advancements.

“We are proud to be part of a company that shares Fungible’s vision and will leverage the Fungible DPU and software to enhance its storage and networking offerings. We would like to thank our loyal employees for their dedication and hard work over these last seven years and our customers, partners, and investors for their belief in and support of our technology,” said Fungible.

The Fungible DPU was created in 2016 to address the most serious issue in scale-out data centres — inefficient execution of data-centric computations within server nodes.

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