Meta has introduced a new text-based ‘world chat’ feature, a way to communicate with other people in the same world session, for the social virtual reality (VR) platform ‘Horizon Worlds’.

The world chat feature is currently rolling out “slowly to a small number of people, and we’re continuing to bring the experience to even more of the Worlds community in the coming weeks”, the company said in a blog post on Tuesday.

In addition to voice chat, users will now be able to communicate using text.

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Users will be able to connect with or follow others participating in the chat by simply clicking the person’s name to view their profile and inviting them to connect.

Also, users will be able to @mention others in world chat who are in the same world.

The feature also provides simple tools that make it easy to connect with others and engage in conversation, such as quick replies that let users connect without having to type lengthy messages.

The company further mentioned that users can turn on the ‘blurred chats’ setting to choose whether people they don’t know can read their messages.

“You can report, block, or mute someone and their message if you don’t want to hear from them,” it added.

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