After a hacking attack on computer servers around the world, Italy’s National Cybersecurity Agency has warned organizations to take immediate action to protect their systems.

According to the Agency, a massive ransomware hacking attack has compromised thousands of computers around the world, reports the Euro Weekly News.

Servers have been compromised globally, including in the US, Canada, Finland, and France, as per Italian news outlet ANSA, citing the ACN.

Moreover, the report said that organizations throughout Italy are very likely to have been affected by this attack.

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However, the ACN advised the organizations to take preventative measures to avoid being locked out of their systems.

The report further said that large parts of Italy were affected by a massive internet outage on February 5.

Italian telecommunications company TIM reported the issue but did not consider it related to the hacker attack and attributed the incident to a problem with an international link.

Last month, South Korea’s internet safety watchdog said that a Chinese hacking group launched a cyberattack against 12 academic institutions in the country.

The Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) said the attackers hacked into the websites of the 12 institutions, which included some departments of Jeju University and the Korea National University of Education.

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