PokerBaazi, India’s biggest online poker platform, suffered a significant security lapse after an internal database containing sensitive user information was left exposed online for more than 2 months, a cyber-security researcher has claimed.

Security researcher Anurag Sen told portal XposedOrNot that this exposure was “due to a misconfiguration in the system and could be easily accessed by anyone with knowledge of the database’s IP address”.

The size of the exposed data was more than 6GB in size and growing.

Sen also tweeted that India’s PokerBaazi site suffered a major security lapse.

“Even after multiple attempts to contact. No reply so far. Contacted,” he posted, tagging the country’s cyber agency Computer Emergency Response Team (

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The exposed data allegedly contained full names, email addresses, locations, ‘Oauth’ tokens, and internal logs.

Sen said he tried to contact PokerBaazi but to no avail.

PokerBaazi was yet to react to the cyber-security researcher’s data breach claim.

“The exposed data is still available on the Internet without any protection,” according to the report. is India’s biggest online poker platform that provides potential customers with an opportunity to play poker safely and securely.

The gaming mobile and desktop app provide 24/7 customer support, a user-friendly interface as well as a wide array of tournaments, making an engaging platform to get involved with.

Spearheaded by its Founder and CEO Navkiran Singh, the platform last reported over 2 million registered users.

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