Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) has announced plans to launch the combined streaming service of Disney+ and HBO Max earlier than expected in the spring of next year.

Earlier, WBD had announced plans to launch its combined service in the summer of 2023, Engadget reported.

The announcement of early arrival was made by David Zaslav, President and CEO, of WBD, in the company’s latest earnings call.

The streaming services combined have approximately 95 million subscribers, of which the large majority are those of HBO and HBO Max, the report said.

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In addition to the new service, WBD plans to launch its own free ad-support streaming TV service (FAST) in 2023, said Zaslav.

He added that WBD has started moving Discovery+ content to HBO Max, including ‘Fixer Upper: The Castle’, which became a top five show in just a few days.

Earlier in August, Discovery and telecommunication company, AT&T had announced that they had combined WarnerMedia business with Discovery.

The combination created a premier stand-alone global media and entertainment company, now known as Warner Bros. Discovery.

“The announcement marks an exciting milestone, not just for Warner Bros. Discovery, but also for our shareholders, distributors, advertisers, creative partners and, most importantly, global consumers,” Zaslav had said in a statement.

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