Google’s AI chatbot Gemini has recently outperformed Sam Altman-run OpenAI’s ChatGPT in a series of comprehensive multi-discipline tests, a new report revealed on Monday.

According to a data presentation, Gemini outranked ChatGPT by three percent in that assessment.

“Powered by Google’s custom-designed tensor processing units, its robust infrastructure enables efficient training and deployment, driving advancements in real-time applications,” said Stocklytics Financial analyst Edith Reads.

“The technical innovations powering Gemini extend beyond language processing, with remarkable performance in processing images, videos, and audio,” he added.

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According to the report, Gemini’s Ultra outperformed the GPT-4 in the following subjects — Art and Design (47.1), Health and Medicine (67.3), Human and Social Sciences (78.3), and Technology and Engineering (47.1).

Only in Business and Science did GPT-4 perform better.

The Gemini AI system has three versions — Gemini Ultra, Gemini Pro, and Gemini Nano.

Meanwhile, Google has said that it is bringing more Gemini models to customers with new updates and expanded availability on its Vertex artificial intelligence (AI) platform.

Gemini 1.0 Pro, a model for scaling across AI tasks, is now generally available to all Vertex AI customers.

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