The tech giant company Google is rolling out a new feature called dark mode on both Android and iOS devices

After the update, the app will automatically use whatever theme your operating system is already set to if you use Android or iOS 13. Google says the feature is starting to roll out today, but it won’t be globally available until later this week. You’ll also be able to manually toggle between light and dark mode by heading to the app’s settings, which is what users on older operating systems will have to do.

The Google app has been one bizarre omission from this list of apps that support dark mode. In May 2020, that’s finally changed as Google has officially announced the rollout of dark mode for its app on Android and iOS. The rollout started May 19th and was said to arrive for all users within a week.

For Android 10+ and iOS 13+ users, the Google app follows the system theme for dark or light mode. For older OS versions, though, there’s still a way to trigger the change. Simply go to the “More” tab > Settings > General > Theme. From there, you’ll be able to switch between dark and light.

If dark mode is available to you on your device, you might see a pop-up at the bottom of your screen, highlighting that a dark mode theme is now accessible and asking if you want to activate it, as 9to5Google points out.

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