Google is reportedly working on a Nest Hub for 2022 that will feature a detachable tablet.

According to 9To5Google, the search engine giant’s next Nest Smart Display will feature a screen that can be removed from the dock of the speaker and used independently as a tablet.

Google has previously worked to improve the Nest Hub experience by adding more “interface elements to the 2nd-gen Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max”.

Google earlier announced that its Nest Hub (2nd Gen) is now available in the country at Rs 7,999.

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The Nest Hub (2nd Gen) features an edgeless glass display. It is designed with recycled materials with its plastic mechanical parts containing 54 percent recycled post-consumer plastic.

The microphone can be turned off by simply sliding the hardware switch on the back of the device (an orange light indicates it has been disabled).

By default, the user’s audio recordings are not retained, and they can delete all their recent activity by simply saying things like “Ok Google, delete everything I said last week”.

Guest Mode can be turned on with simple voice command so that the user’s Assistant activity won’t be saved to their Google account and personal results won’t be shown.

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