Google has finally appeared to be rolling out the “Immersive View” feature more widely in Maps.

It occurs that Immersive View is rolling out and appearing for some Google Maps users, indicating that they are able to use the function when viewing cities like London and Berlin, reports 9to5Google.

The Immersive View feature, which was sold as a “whole new way to explore” with Google Maps, augments the existing photorealistic aerial views of popular locations and landmarks with time and weather contextual flyovers of the specific mapped regions.

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Google Maps Immersive View combines scenic views of a city and its landmarks with suggestions of places to learn about or visit, as well as views of the interiors of some buildings.

Users can even see alternate views of specific areas, such as at night, in bad weather, or during peak hours, the report mentioned.

Meanwhile, Google has rolled out phoneless navigation support in Maps to Wear OS smartwatches.

Wear OS-powered smartwatches with this support will no longer require a paired phone for turn-by-turn navigation when using Google Maps, as long as the watches have built-in LTE connectivity or are connected to a Wi-Fi network.

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