They tech giant company google announced on a blog post that it will automatically block annoying resource-heavy ads on Google Chrome that drain your battery life. 

“We have recently discovered that a fraction of a percent of ads consume a disproportionate share of device resources, such as battery and network data, without the user knowing about it,” said Marshall Vale, a product manager on the Chrome team in a blog. “These ads (such as those that mine cryptocurrency, are poorly programmed, or are unoptimized for network usage) can drain battery life, saturate already strained networks, and cost money.”

If an ad is using too many resources, Chrome will show an error page in the frame where the ad would have been shown. Here’s an example from Google of what that might look like

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“Chrome is setting the thresholds to 4MB of network data or 15 seconds of CPU usage in any 30 second period, or 60 seconds of total CPU usage. While only 0.3% of ads exceed this threshold today, they account for 27% of network data used by ads and 28% of all ad CPU usage.” according to Google.