Google has brought out the Material You-style colour-based themes to its Chrome Canary, an experimental version of the tech giant’s browser.

The ‘Customise Chrome Colour Extraction’ feature automatically picks a colour scheme for the browser, based on the wallpaper shown when the user opens a new tab, reports The Verge.

A Reddit user who first spotted the feature demonstrated how changing the new tab wallpaper instantly modifies the UI (user interface) and address bar of the browser’s colour scheme.

According to Google’s software, the new feature “enables setting theme colour based on background image colour when the background image is changed in New Tab Page”.

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It is available on Mac, Windows, and Linux, as well as on Google’s ChromeOS and Fuchsia operating systems.

The feature is similar to Android’s Material You feature, which changes the operating system’s colour scheme based on what it detects in the home screen wallpaper.

It was previously possible to manually change Chrome’s colour scheme to the user’s choice, but the new feature simplifies the process, the report said.

The feature works best with colourful wallpapers, whereas, darker backgrounds tend to make Chrome’s interface black, brown, or grey in colour.

It does not work when the user uploads their own image and is still unclear whether it is a bug or by design.

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