Google has announced that it is rolling out passkeys support to Google Workspace and Google Cloud accounts.

“Starting today, in an open Beta, more than 9 million organizations can allow their users to sign in to Google Workspace and Google Cloud accounts using passkeys instead of passwords,” the tech giant said in a blog post issued on Tuesday.

Passkeys are a new password-free sign-in method that enables users to sign in with a fingerprint, face recognition, or another screen-lock mechanism on phones, laptops, or desktops, providing a convenient and secure authentication experience across websites and apps.

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Last month, the company made passkeys available as an additional sign-in option for personal Google Accounts.

Users can still use passwords to sign in to their work and personal Google Accounts, but passkeys offer a simpler and more secure alternative and can reduce the impact of phishing and other social engineering attacks.

“Passkeys have also been designed with user privacy in mind,” the company said.

“The user’s biometric data is never sent to Google’s servers or other websites and apps,” it added.

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