Google will introduce an option for users to move their Fitbit experience to a Google Account, starting on Tuesday.

First announced in April, this change is part of a plan to consolidate all Fitbit accounts into Google accounts by 2025, reports Android Central.

Users will be able to control their Fitbit data from the Google Privacy Centre once they migrate their account.

By 2025, users will no longer be able to use their Fitbit device or access their Fitbit data if they do not move their account to Google.

Moreover, Google account logins will be optional only for existing Fitbit users, the report said.

According to the tech giant, this change will be helpful for users as they will be able to use their Google Account to log into Fitbit with a single password.

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In February this year, the Google-owned wearable company filed a patent for a force-sensitive display that would enable blood pressure reading via smartwatch.

The Fitbit patent filed in the US described a force-sensitive screen combined with a photoplethysmography (PPG) sensor that when pressed, can gauge the users’ blood pressure.

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