The iOS user are getting a new version of Facebook Messenger on the next few weeks. Announcing on a blog post, Facebook said that new version of Messenger will be faster, smaller and will be one-fourth of its original size.

Facebook have reduced Messenger’s core code by 84%. The current Facebook messenger was build using 1.7 million lines of code. Where, the new version of messenger only has 360,000 line of code. That means the new messenger will be twice as fast as compare to the current one.

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Facebook says that with the new simpler design, “a few features will be temporarily unavailable,” but the company wasn’t specific about which features were stripped. However, last Friday, TechCrunch reported that this redesign was coming, and one of the changes would be the removal of the Discover tab, which showed you different chatbots and businesses you could message. The tab was also where you could find Instant Games, and they will apparently be removed from the app with this new redesign.

You can read more about how Facebook rebuilt Messenger in their Engineering blog.

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