Facebook is canceling any physical events with more than 50 people through June 2021. CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted the news as part of an update on Facebook’s COVID-19 pandemic response, where he also said the “vast majority” of Facebook employees would work from home until at least the end of next month. The cancellations include the Oculus Connect 7 virtual reality conference in San Jose, which is being replaced by an online-only event.

In the announcement posted on Facebook, Zuckerberg said that the company is “slowing our plans to return to the office in order to prioritize helping the rest of our community and local economy to get back up and running first.”

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The live event ban applies to any gathering of more than 50 people, matching advice from health experts to put social distancing measures in place to slow the spread of the deadly disease. Zuckerberg added that all business travel is also canceled through June of this year.

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